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To Blog or Not to Blog? How Having A Blog Can Explode Your Business

It seems that these days, everyone and their mother has a blog. Whether it’s a blog about your hobbies, your favorite celebrities, or even a blog about your company, a blog is a fantastic way to communicate with thousands of people around the world about your particular niche.Even Barney Stinson from the comedy show “How I Met Your Mother” has a blog! So the question is… to blog or not to blog?

Many internet marketers are afraid to blog or even start a blog for a couple of reasons. One reason being they might not be too tech savvy so the internet might frighten them, so they have no idea where to get started. The internet is a wonderful place to buy Christmas presents and communicate with friends, but when it comes to building a website that can be used to share knowledge and build a business, people feel intimidated.

But the funny thing is, we all have that fear. We won’t learn the ins and outs of blogging or building a website until we take action. And if mistakes are made along the way, it’s not such a bad thing because it gives us a chance to learn from those mistakes. What many don’t know is that starting a blog can be very simple. With free sites such as blogger.com and tumblr, you can have your very own blog set up in minutes.The downside to these blogs is, they’re not really yours, seeing as you’re not paying for hosting. But they offer the simplicity where all you have to do to keep your blog up to date is post high quality content, consistently.

Which leads to another reason internet marketers hesitate to create a blog… content. As in: “What do I write about?” And the answer to this question is very simple… 

Just talk about yourself!

Talk about your personal experiences and how you relate to your particular niche. Customers want to purchase from someone they know, not someone whose only purpose is to sell. 

So by creating high quality content that many can relate to, you’re sure to gain subscribers which are known as LEADS. These leads are people that are interested in what you have to say. They trust you, and they want to learn more.

And that’s the IMPORTANCE of a blog. Because if you have something valuable to say and no one is listening, then it doesn’t really matter WHAT you have to say. But with a blog, you’re sure to create a following little by little of people interested in what you have to say/sell on a more personal leve.

Network Marketing Leads: The Importance of Your Warm Market

For anyone that has just begun their journey as a network marketer; you have probably been trained by your MLM company on how to generate your first leads and make your first sales. Sure enough, that suggestion was to approach your warm market. Now… what is your warm market? Your warm market consists of people you already know; such as your family, friends, and colleagues. 

The problem with your warm market though, is knowing how to approach them and pitch them your business. If you haven’t been properly trained on pitching your sales page or business opportunity, then you’re doomed for failure as far as your warm market is concerned. Ironically, the people in your warm market are the least likely to join your MLM company or even support your online business. 

And so they will begin to associate your calls and text messages with you trying to solicit them for your Network Marketing business opportunity.

In this video, I show the importance of properly approaching your warm market, the consequences of turning them off to any MLM Business opportunity, losing their friendship, and losing a potential business partner! 



Is Network Marketing a Scam??

If you’ve ever ventured out into the online business world; you might have been set back by the fees you’ve encountered. Many assume that when a product or system requires a fee in order to join that it must be a scam. But my question is “what qualifies as a scam?”

Getting started in Internet Marketing or Network Marketing is no easy task. Nothing is served on a silver platter for you; ready to make $1,000,000 in one day. The fact of the matter is… there IS work required to succeed in an online business; it’s just a different type of work.

With so many “Make $20,00/Month” or “Earn $5,00/day and Fire Your Boss” offers out there; it is really difficult to determine which ones have value. So when many are prompted to whip out their credit card in order to become Internet Millionaires; a red flag goes up immediately. 

The way I see it however, is it’s always best to do your research and test the waters. Whether you’re investing money in order to make money or investing time(AKA clocking in and out) to make money, there is still some giving that is required on your behalf. 

But if your perspective is “WASTING money” on an internet scam instead of seeing it as an investment in yourself and your business… you will never escape the employee mindset. The purpose of network marketing is to become your own boss and brand yourself. If you give yourself value through training and guides, then your brand’s value as well as your business will increase in value AKA more MONEY.

So… although many “Make Money Online” opportunities may seem like a scam, don’t forget to not judge by a book by its cover. Meaning, don’t knock it until you try it; because if you get into network marketing with the mentality to just earn back the money you invested, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

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